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Look up the Mackie universal pro. SDRConsole CANNOT make that work. Those sliders are motorized MIDI controlled as are the rotary encoders and led readouts on the top row left and then there is the controllable text display.

It is kinda large. Add the extension panel (a second left hand side) and you have a monster. It would be a fun challenge to make it work with SDRConsole as well as it can fit a radio world rather than a theater console world.

Moral of the story, Sigi, is that "any" is a very big word and "ANY" is even bigger.


On 20211119 05:37:42, Siegfried Jackstien wrote:

Hi MIke,

in sdr console you can make ANY midi deck to work, so you have to look what deck fits your needs. How many turn knobs, vfo wheels, buttons do you want?

i use an EKS XP-5 that found used on evilbay. I did not want to have TWO wheels so i searched for a deck with just a single wheel for vfo control.

and ... i did not want to have lots of unused buttons/knobs so i took the xp5 (it has enough buttons for MY needs)

so ... at first think about what functions do you want on the deck (look what functions Simon implemented in console!!)

Take a picture of the deck you plan to use, and make a similar picture as i have added to this mail. Then you know if it fits your needs or if you should look for a different deck.

Other users of console have a Behringer or similar deck with TWO turn wheels (fine and coarse tune) but i just need 100 and 10hz steps on a single wheel and i do 1kc and 10kc steps with buttons, that i reconfigured with the midi deck editor to act "like" a turn wheel. (with added autorepeat)

Repeat ... ANY midi controller works or can be made to work.

In sdr console is a "learning" function for midi. Select the function that you want to assign (here in my example the turn wheel for vfo) and turn the wheel or press the button. Press "ok" to save the function. Do that with all buttons and sliders/turn knobs on your deck. DONE!

My midi deck has a nice editor, where you can edit every button or slider (what note to send on what button). Other decks have all buttons "fixed" (no editor). So ... look what functions do you need/want on the deck, then look if you find a dj deck that fits your needs (at best a unit that comes WITH an editor for such things like autorepeat etc).

I can not recommend any special deck (besides mine, cause that works superb). Ask in the sdr radio group what others are using and what were their findings. And then think what YOU want on your deck. A few "spare" buttons are ok (maybe Simon adds new functions later).

Where to buy?? EVILBAY ... or a shop where professional musicians and dj buy their stuff (sure a bit more expensive then).

What to buy?? See above. I do not know what YOU want to be used on your deck, if you want one or two turn wheels, if you want buttons with "backlight" (yes some dj deck has lamps below the buttons) ... if you want a small (mini) dj deck (to save room on your desk and use just minimal functions) ... or a bigger one (more weight and more buttons)

So... do not rely on MY findings only ... ask here in the group what others are using and what they like (or do not like) on their decks. How heavy (or not) the deck is, if it comes with or without an editor, how "robust" (or not) the deck feels, if they would buy it again etc etc etc.

Greetz sigi dg9bfc

ps if you get a used xp5 then drop me a mail .. i can then send you the driver and mappings/presets that i use here ... saves you 4 days of work hi hi

Am 18.11.2021 um 23:45 schrieb vk3xz:

Hi Sigi,

Could you recommend a midi desk supplier? I have dealt with this device but would like to try. Please provide maker and model number please? where to buy such device? cheers Mike VK4SY

On 19/11/2021 08:03, Siegfried Jackstien wrote:

buy a midi deck

assign functions


dg9bfc sigi

Am 18.11.2021 um 22:23 schrieb Bill Walch:
In a similar vein, there's an old MS Flight Sim control hack, that used a gutted old keyboard, and with a little DIY ingenuity, you could construct a fully functional cockpit controls array (hundreds of options with keyboard key mapping, Alt-Shift-Ctrl, etc.). This was possible because MSFS used keyboard controls extensively. Way too cumbersome and convoluted to click on each option.

Here too, SDRC "could" do the same thing, with keyboard assignments to the various options, freq controls, modes, etc. I of course realize that this could potentially be a big coding project in and of itself (I've done it myself), but in the end, using a USB based device that's already mapped in Windows, it's just adding the code to recognize a specific keystroke, same as that to react to a mouse click / wheel turn.

Back in ancient times of radio, DIY was the only way to get on the air. Yes it was a challenge, but that's what made it fun and a great hobby in the first place. This could also put the MIDI controller debate to sleep.


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On Wed, Nov 17, 2021 at 02:25 PM, BobS wrote:

Does SDR-Console support any keyboard shortcuts, like + or - or such, to allow for tuning?

With the cursor placed over the spectrum or waterfall display, keyboard arrow/cursor keys left/right (normal steps) and up/down (x10).

Simon, it's not mentioned in here. Could do with adding?



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