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This is a tough one because the makers claim of being "screened" or shielded may or may not mean anything as far as being a quality cable and help tame RFI issues.

In my prior tempest life before specifying a certain cable assembly we would of course run tests in the lab. It was convenient working for a large defense firm as we had access to SEM and x-ray facilities just a few hall ways away. You would be shocked how many commercial cables we x-ray'ed showed that while they did provide some form of shield (usually a thin cheap aluminum foil) where the ends were 100% totally unterminated. Only a few we found actually terminated the shield to the case which is a must if the shielding is to do any good. Just wrapping a cable in foil buys you ziltch.

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The manufacturer doesn’t specify the type of ferrite they use so the leads might be quite useless at rejecting any emi/rfi problems you might have. By all means try them out but my advice would be buy a quality screened cable where you at least know the AWG/SWG of each conductor and add your own ferrites, either as clip-ons, or by using rings.



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That shipping price is crazy; however, it's either the seller or you don't have Prime. I cannot precisely tell from the screen-shot. This link has them for $4.95 + free shipping w/ Prime. I have bought several of these, and they're quite nice.

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