Re: Midi Controllers

Siegfried Jackstien

Hi Steve

Mine is an EKS XP-5 ... (a bit older ... can sometimes be found used for a few bucks in evilbay)

Half of the buttons got an autorepeat ... if you want to tune in 1 kc steps, only holding of the button is needed (not pushing and pushing and pu...wearing out the buttons)

as an example you want to change drive from 50 to 70 ... no need to push +DRV 20 times ... push once and hold for a while

that ekx has a nice graphical editor. Any button can play any midinote, with or without autorepeat, single action or range (button or turn knob/slider) and if you are crazy you can combine buttons

only one slider and one wheel?? no problem .. you can COMBINE buttons (with other buttons, with the wheel, or with the slider)

say simon adds RIT (and no free know cause THERe ARE NO TURN KNOBS ...

configure a "switch wheel to rit" button ... push button and turn wheel (changes rit) ... release button wheel is again normal vfo

for now i only combined the touch sensor with the wheel (100hz and 10hz steps), but other things could be added

greetz sigi dg9bfc

ps if you find one used ... drop me a mail to get driver and presets and mappings , READY TO USE!!

Am 16.11.2021 um 15:21 schrieb WW1SS. . . Steve via

Which one are you using??

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