Good USB Cables #usb

Dennis Matzen

Recently I finished up my project to link up my Kenwood TS-590S with SDR Console. I added a buffer Amp inside the TS-590S, with a SMA panel jack on the back of the radio. This connects to my SDRPlay RSP2pro. I connected the TS-590S USB port (USB serial connection) to my PC. I had everything setup and it was working great. The TS-590S and SDR Console were tracking. The S meter on the TS-590S and Console matched pretty close. A real nice setup. Until I transmitted. I got feedback in my PC speakers, the TS-590S USB serial port disconnected and Console seems to get lost. I obviously was having issued with RF getting into the PC and RSP2pro. I suspected the no-name cheap USB cables used to connect the RSP2pro and the TS590S to my PC.

My solution was to purchase two of the following cables at Amazon, They include a ferrite choke at each end and I confirmed that there is continuity between the shells of each connector. Since I replace these the station has been solid. No evidence of RF getting into anything. 

I highly recommend these cables. They are only USB 2.0 but for the serial interface on the TS-590S and the RSP2pro that is fine.

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