Re: Please test my server someone.

Kriss Kliegle KA1GJU

The server doesn’t require a powerhouse computer, I use old W7 netbooks and recently, W10 laptops from Craigslist.
Just be mindful of QRM from Ethernet switches, routers, and Cat5/6 cables. All of which can be tamed with T240-30 toroid cores. Getting the antenna far, far away from the computer(s) and other QRM generating makes for a good set up. I use old 1/2” CATV hardline, which was removed when fiber was replacing it. One of my CATV coax runs is +300’, and hosts four SDR’s of three different mfgs for users to experiment with. (KA1GJU Super Station #2) The antenna is a 150’ EFW in an Inverted L, draped over tall trees lining the cow pasture. Feedline connects to a 9:1 unun, and has a ground system attached to the unun. The grounding of the unun dropped the noise floor on 160-80M by 1.5 S-units!

Feel free to PM me any questions you have.

73 Kriss KA1GJU

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