Re: Please test my server someone.

Kriss Kliegle KA1GJU

Bookmark the following site to monitor who, how long, what band and rough location via IP Geolocation:
Scroll down to your named server to see activity.

Set limits on the guest account, OTW you will have SDR hogs on contest weekends (i.e. cheaters) that will use it 24/7 if the antenna is decent and QRM is minimal. Mine are set for 1 hr max and 10 min between connecting again, with the exception of those who have contacted me for their own private account with more relaxed settings. With private accounts set up, you'll know EXACTLY who is one it versus 'guest' appearing in the log.

One more thing... the default setting is running the service in the background. So if the computer you are using gets donated to XYL, kids, etc... you will join the ranks of the numerous failed servers on the web page above with a yellow exclamation mark. This will also make you chase your tail when setting up the server on a different machine. The page above said I was running 3.02x, when I had loaded the latest and greatest version... turns out my Icom remote base laptop was once used as an SDR Server and was telling Simons server that I was listening on a port which wasn't true. Hence the yellow triangle with ! in it. LOL
You will have to remove the service (via the server manager) only once (I think) before allocating the computer for other tasks!

73 Kriss KA1GJU
Home of the "Super Station" SDRC Servers in NH (FN42)

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