Re: Shaded area under the Spectrum

George Stein - NJ3H

Hi JoAnne, 

I did realize after I followed your procedure that there is still a gradient under the spectrum. It does go through some color changes top to bottom, but it is pretty good. 


On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 12:25 AM, George Stein - NJ3H via
<nj3h@...> wrote:
Hi JoAnne,

Thank you for a great approach for getting a solid color under the spectrum.  The color is a darker shade of what one selects, due to the way the color is implemented by the program.

The only problem is the waterfall is just a solid color (the one picked in the palette editing process you provided). There there is nothing to see on the waterfall except for the entire window filled with the chosen color.

So separate color editing capability would be required to adjust the area under the spectrum without affecting the waterfall palette.

Still all in all, the capability to edit the palette is a wonderful feature Simon built into the software.


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