Re: V3.1 Beta

Siegfried Jackstien

Hello Simon,

I maybe have found a tiny bug. After a bit of usage the rx frequency becomes unresponsive, except when mouse arrow is in the numbers box.  Restart of console solves that.

See my screenshot. There you see different numbers in rx and tx  box but sync is on.

When hovering the mouse in the rx frequency area the numbers follow fast when turning on midi deck and when mouse arrow is outside that area the numbers are stuck but the rx still moves. See in if display below volume slider, the frequency shown is same as in tx box so tuning still works, but the numbers above volume slider are not correct.

It is just a tiny bug and maybe you may take a look on it before make it an official release?!?

Greetings from Germany


Am 10.11.2021 um 15:09 schrieb Simon Brown:

SDR Console: new V3.1 beta available here .


If all goes well this will be an official release at the end of November.


Release notes: .


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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