Re: Explanation Please - Satellite Passes

George Stein - NJ3H

Another Question Area 1:

I was under the impression that when one clicks on a satellite push button, that the frequency of the radio would change and SDRC would show that frequency/  I don't see that happening.  How do I implement that feature?

Then. what is the method to get the radio to start changing frequency (Doppler shift being applied as the satellite goes over my area?

Another Question Area 2:

See the attached picture.  Why doesn't the popup and the main map's footprint cover the same area?  Why don't the times match?

What I guess I need is a video or more detailed instructions on how the satellite portion of SDRC works.  It looks liker there is wonderful capability here. I just need some help getting it figured out.  So far I haven't found a video that has been of any help to me.


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