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George Stein - NJ3H

Hi Simon,
thanks for your reply (and for the one about satellite height as well)

Hopefully the attached picture will help.

All the best!

George, NJ3H
Redmond, Oregon USA

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  1. Adjust the contrast (RHS), just click [Auto], this will help a lot, then post a screenshot.
  2. Adjust the range with the Low and High options which are shown when the mouse is moved over the spectrum / waterfall.
  3. You seem to have a lot of gain which I can’t explain – the Liner gain setting of 10 is good. It may be noise, the new screenshot will help.
  4. SDR# shows relative to full scale, a different concept.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Hi JoAnne,

Thanks for your reply.  The new SDRC picture is at 10 MHz bandwidth.  The new SDR# is at 8 MHz bandwith.  The audio has a lot of hiss in it using SDRC, while SDR# is crystal clear.

Yes I am using the same antenna.

So I am looking for the gain control in SDRC?  I just haven't found it yet.

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