Satellite Setup - Height

George Stein - NJ3H

On the setup screen for home location for satellite reception, there is a data field called 'Height'.  At first blush I would just enter the height above sea level for my location.  However, there is a link to a site that talks about many different considerations.  Unfortunately, I have no idea of the calculation that is needed to determine what the height value should be. My elevation is 912m ASL.  Unless someone can give me some info about how to refine this value, I will have to go with that. 

I did learn that 0 degrees longitude is now considered a few hundred meters from the brass rail in the sidewalk at Greenwich which I straddled many year ago.  Perhaps this is why Google map's state and country boundaries always seem a little off when zoomed in.

So can anyone clarify the height parameter for me?  I am not so sure that the height value is as critical as the lat/long is.

Thanks to the group and people being there to answer questions.


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