Multichannel decoder

Nils Schiffhauer

Hi - we all know that SDRC features the unique possibility to use up to 24 demodulators in parallel.
Using them for decoding and recording had been quite a nut to crack for some.

Recently, Chris, W3HFU, has developed multi-channel decoders for ALE and VHF-ACARS.
He offers a free preview of Black Cat ALE and Black Cat ACARS on his webpage:

I was glad to have tested the ALE beast over the last weeks. For me it is a paradigm shift in all aspects of ALE monitoring - performance, decoding quality and handling.
It stood my challenging tests of unattended decoding over many hours of many channels in parallel with flying colours.

A more detailed blog entry with my epxeriences and giving some hints will duly follow.

73 Nils, DK8OK


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