Re: Steerable antenna anyone?

Brendan Wahl

Magloop Simon -

I've been seeing those little, millisecond pulses for several months now, on a number of different frequencies. I think they are some sort of channel marker, as I've also seen some multi-channel digital signals in the same frequency ranges, but never both at the same time. In terms of HF signals, this is a new one, and I've not seen any info on them yet. I tend to think this is coming from Russia, as the signals I see here on the west coast of North America seem to favor propagation from the Russian Far East.

Please feel to contact me at: b j w a h l 5 9 @ g m a i l . c o m  [no spaces] if you want to chat about this. I'm thinking we've been taking up a bit too much of the forum with this, so it might be best to not cheese off the other Simon... ;)

Brendan WA7HL, CN88rs

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