Re: Steerable antenna anyone?

Brendan Wahl

Dennis KA6FUB - those bursts you're seeing are the USN's ROTHR, with several sites in CONUS and elsewhere. The other, continuous transmission is most likely/certainly on of the "Konteynr" OTHR sites from Russia. Mind you, from up here in NW Washington, I've seen Konteynr, ROTHR, the Chinese systems, the UK's stuff from Cyprus, and JORN - the Aussie system, very common out here on the left coast. There are a lot of OTHR systems, and it seems more show up all the time.

The waterfall signature, sound, and width generally distinguishes the OTHR systems from the wideband HF Data users - the high-speed trading signals - rather well. The HS stuff stays on frequency, the OTHR's are all over the place by comparison.

Brendan WA7HL

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