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Good – I also noticed and reported the service not starting after a reboot. I expect a dumb Windows account will not have privilege to start a service.


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Some information from the SDRplay reflector.  Pay attention to Andy's note.


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Re: [SDRPlayUsers] API Status #SDRPlay


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Hi all,

We have been investigating reports of two issues related to API 3.08...

1. Crash after reboot - some people have reported that the API is not running after a reboot. All of the crash reports that we’ve seen for this all have an offset of 0x5333 – we’ve looked at the code and there was a change made to 3.08 that could account for this. We have made a change to address that for 3.09
2. Error message when SDRuno starts up – SDRuno has the ability to start the API service if it detects that it has stopped. This normally happens silently, but there is a timing issue that can cause SDRuno to report that the service isn’t ready after starting it. Again, we have made a change to address this for 3.09

We have released a beta build of the API 3.09 on our downloads system ( - select your RSP type, then Windows and then API

Note that this is a beta build of the API and should only be installed AFTER SDRuno 1.41 has already been installed.

Please test as you have been and let us know how you get on to feedback@...

Thanks and best regards,


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