Re: xtal 12khz and ic-7300 iq via usb


This unit taps into the receive signal and brings it out so that an external SDR acts as a panadapter.
Mike N2MS

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Several UK radio shops are advertising this unit which enables the IC-7300 to act as a panadapter:





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so if it is switched to iq and sdrconsole sees an stereo iq signal there should be NO mirror signal

that is how all of the first generation sdr worked (and some still do) ... they have a baseband clock that mixes down your if to iq (with two clocks at 90 degrees producing the i and the q signal)

my very first steps in sdr were with a (mono!) downmixer to 12kc "audio" if and using hdsdr ... next was a "pappradio" and a "funcubedongle" (the old one)

all these produced iq signals (stereo iq signal) ... and sdrc v3 can work with such a signal as input

a real iq signal should not produce these mirror signals

dg9bfc sigi

Am 17.10.2021 um 16:51 schrieb WA1LGQ:

The 7300 has both audio and IQ. It is switchable in the menu for the USB output for either..............Larry


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