Re: xtal 12khz and ic-7300 iq via usb


Let's dig a little farther. First, how about full size images? I can't read important settings information. Also is the "IF" output of the 7300 really at 12 ksps audio? If it is you are likely looking at sampling aliases with the tuning you have selected. You won't be able to see anything meaningful around 12 kHz - perhaps 5 kHz. So it's not good for a panadapter. All SDRC could do is add some noise canceling and other such effects and perhaps an additional demodulation mode or two.

All I can find on the web suggests the 7300 is unfit to use as an SDR front end.


On 20211016 17:50:55, WA1LGQ wrote:

Thanks Max. You are right. Here is a screenshot with "Auto Center" engaged and the zoom slider has been activate. I have 2 mirror image traces. Yes I can select 1 or the other, but I can't just look at one at a time, or zoom one of them. It works in SDR#, but I would rather use SDR Console. Second screen shot is with "Auto Center" disengaged and the zoom slider activated on the right trace. The traces move out to the sides as the zoom slider is adjusted.
Thanks for looking.........Larry

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