Re: xtal 12khz and ic-7300 iq via usb


That is a feature that I regard a misfeature of SDRConsole. Simon likes it. He is in the driver's seat. So I try not to bitch about it very much. There are possible issues with the multiple receiver operation that require some "guess work."


On 20211016 17:50:55, WA1LGQ wrote:
Thanks Max. You are right. Here is a screenshot with "Auto Center" engaged and the zoom slider has been activate. I have 2 mirror image traces. Yes I can select 1 or the other, but I can't just look at one at a time, or zoom one of them. It works in SDR#, but I would rather use SDR Console. Second screen shot is with "Auto Center" disengaged and the zoom slider activated on the right trace. The traces move out to the sides as the zoom slider is adjusted.
Thanks for looking.........Larry

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