Re: Simon's World Map


I also confirm that it does not see the virtual COM ports created by VSPE as seen in the image.

===> PROSISTEL D on Simon's World Map compatibility soon?

Commands format 9600,n,8,1
<header> (Chr(2), binary 00000010); it resets the controller command buffer pointer
<identifier> (rotator identifier: ‘A’ for azimuth, ‘E’ for elevation)
<cmd> (see list below)
<return> (Chr(13), binary 00001101)

Example I use in my home software in VBnet to make it run:
Chr(2) & "AG" & "018" & Chr(13)  ' to run at 18 g

very simple

AG<ANGLE> ... as rotor cmd (values from 0 to 359)


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