Re: SDR Console 3 Spectrum background colour


No, you likely would not. All the other colors would become problems for lacking contrast. It's not as simple as you think ot change it all.


On 20211014 04:46:14, K3EUI Barry wrote:
Hello again Simon

I would be SO happy to see a simple choice of three options for "background" on the spectrum window:

1)  Present option  -  dark grey
2)  Pure white background or very light grey  with the dB values grid in a darker grey
3) Very light blue background

Obviously some choices of background and spectrum color would clash.
I note some of the colors are very flashy - cool to look at but not so suitable for publication.
I'm looking for something simple with high contast.

Am I remembering correclty that Console V2  did have options for background color on the spectrum?
Maybe I am thinking of a different ap I've used in the past.
But I did submit a few articles to QST over the past ten years which had a better contrast than what I can now get with Console 3   (And SDRuno which is even worse).

with appreciation for all that you do to make these apps look so good and work so well,

Barry Feierman  k3eui
Philadelphia PA  USA
k3euibarry at

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