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Unfortunately everything is not stored in one place.

First open RegEdit.
Scroll down to: (V3)
Right click on it and select export.
Give it a suitable file name in a safe folder.
Click save.

Second open a folder anywhere. In the folder header type in: %appdata%
Scroll down to: (V3)
Click left mouse button on it once.
Type control-C
Navigate to the safe folder used on the registry edit step.
Type control-V

Third - go about your life as normal.

To restore EVERYTHING (including any errors:that existed with your last backup):
First navigate to: %AppData%.
Rename " (V3)" to " (V3) old"
Then navigate to the safe folder from above.
Double left click on the .reg file and tell it to continue when it asks the are you sure question.
Then left click on the " (V3)" folder you copied into it before.
Navigate back to: %AppData%
Type control-V.

Then proceed with the old complete data set restored.


On 20211008 10:14:07, Vincenzo Mone wrote:

Hello Max,

what does it mean?

I am looking if there is a possibility to save all the settings so if I have to re install the program from scratch,

I can restore the settings as it was before .



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On Fri, Oct 8, 2021 at 02:37 PM, Vincenzo Mone wrote:

We have just uninstalled and re installed the program and re made the settings.

Is there a possibility to save all settings?

Hi Enzo

You can save different "Identities" for different setups (Identity for Sat - Identity for HF - Identity for UHF - Identity for different SDR etc. etc.)




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