Downloading the 3.1 Beta Problems From Sr. Citizen ? #sdrconsolev3

rmrrgs <rgsrose@...>


Sr. Citizen (very), so please put up with my dumb questions a bit.  Undoubtedly will be more. Thanks.

Presently running Version 3.1 Build 2319.
Want to get back to using Console after some medical issues.

My understanding is that the latest is still a Beta version. True ?

a. Is this what I want (I usually try to avoid Beta's), or should I wait for the non-Beta to be issued ?
   When might this be ?

b. Anyway, I did try to download the 3.1 latest Beta Build, but I cannot come up with anything that actually downloads the file.
   Could someone please give me an exact link (64 bit) for me to try out this Beta prior to the non-Beta becoming available. ?

c. Is there a written Guide or doc. that describes all the changes in it ?  If so, link to, please ?

Thanks; as always appreciate the help,

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