Re: RFI from mains ethernet adaptors


Mad Man Muntz

Ah the memories! One of his TVs was gutted to help build my first "junk box".


On 20211005 20:04:47, Mike Reed wrote:

Muntz Radio...They were infamous for removing parts that didn't seem to make a difference in operation...Their logo was Napoleon...

 Mike - N7ZEF

On Sun, 26 Sep 2021 11:43:09 -0600, Brent Seres/ VE3CUS <brentseres1@...> wrote:

FWIW,  here in Canada, I have opened up switching supplies and found spots on the circuit board where components were missing.  I've long suspected that these may have been filter components which were included in a device when submitted for testing and approval prior to sale, and left out for cost savings once approved  No proof...just suspicion..


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