Re: FW: Hermes-Lite 2.0 Availability


Um, I had a fellow about oh 500 meters away who routinely ran a kW when I lived in Glendora Ca decades ago. I got a nice R-390A to use. His signal was large enough it took out the 2kHz mechanical filter. I worked for Rockwell at the time. So I dug out the company phone directory and found somebody who knew about it at a nearby facility. He allowed as how that should not happened. He asked to trade me a new one for the one that went bad. He wanted to analyze why it packed up. We could both operate on 20 meters at the same time after that. All we had to do is stay about 50 kHz apart while I spent evenings nattering with hams in Oz in their mobiles on their commute time. It was rather fun. I never ran more than 100 W to a TH6DXX at 70'. It gave me an unusually large signal folks at that distance told me.

A really high dynamic range radio is pretty hard to "jam" from 1 or 2 clicks away. The super high signal problem is when antennas are only a couple wavelengths apart or less.


On 20210925 01:59:07, Mag loop Simon wrote:
Hi Simon

Thats miles away..thats ok..last thing needed is to be actually qrm close to each other..!

And yes thats a very good reason for buying a gemini!!  
Also looking at redruth as job opportunities there.( prefer redruth as north coaxt.)  Anywhere actually in Cornwall  ( that we can afford with big garden and no close neighbours)  away from this hell hole called our capital city..the more inland the cheaper it gets.

Anyway sorry for thread hyjack..

Regards Other Simon 

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