Re: Keeping Tuned Freq in Center


That explains a lot. There is no way to do this with SDRC as it's presently designed. So please disregard my prior responses about options.

With multiple receivers you might get away with setting two to the same frequency and using one as a movable tuning window while the other is muted and showing the chunk
of spectrum of interest. To be sure this is clumsy; but, it might approximate what it appears you want. (Fixed tuned matrix receivers.)


On 20210922 13:41:14, sm6fhz wrote:
OK Simon.
I will try to explain.
I have the Rx-matrix set up for a few sub-bands e.g. 70 cm CW (e.g. 432.020 to 432.070), 70 cm SSB (e.g. 432.150 to 432.250), 70 cm beacons etc.
I monitor these selected frequency ranges by these receivers in the Rx-matrix in order to see if any activity arises. E.G. in an contest situation.
If I see someone coming on I would like to move the Rx-passband to this frequency to listen, but still have the same monitoring (visually in spectrum and waterfall) as before.
I.E. locking the frequency band even if I move the Rx-frequency within this band. E.G. a check box for "lock Rx-matrix) so I still watch the same frequency range as set even if i scroll around listening to different stations.
I know this is the way the main window works, but there you do not get enough frequency resolution to separate different CW stations in the CW part of the band when looking at 432.000 to 432.500. That is why I use the Rx-matrix to display sub-bands of interest.
I have searched the "Options" for this but not found this possibility.
I hope I was able to explain my desire in an comprehensible way.
It would be very handy with such an option.
73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ

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