Re: 2365 Beta won't start the RSPduo. This worked fine in version 2346 #bug


On Tue, Sep 21, 2021 at 07:07 PM, Simon Brown wrote:

You start and – nothing? This is what I see in the logfile.


Yes, I confirm,
it starts normally but if I have 10MHz no audio is heard and I do not have the WF scrolling, the "SDR" does not start.

If I change to any other, below 8MHz, the audio restarts and the WF scrolling restarts. If I go back to 10MHz, everything is still ...
The sdrconsole functions, menu ... remain enabled but nothing is heard and WF is stopped.
I can change from 0.5 to 8MHz without problem, but at 10 it stops and I go back and it always works from 0.5 to 8MHz

Note: If I use the old V2 sdrplay driver, 10MHz works without problem.


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