Re: 2365 Beta won't start the RSPduo. This worked fine in version 2346 #bug

Dale Elshoff WB8CJW <dale.elshoff@...>

Just ran my RSPdx at 10 MHz. and see no problem.  Screenshot attached.

On 9/20/2021 9:04 AM, Frank wrote:


SDRconsole + SDRplay RSP2 v3.08 API + V3.1 2365Beta 

I don't know if it's just my problem, but with SDRplay RSP2 V3.08 it works perfectly but DOES NOT RECEIVE if I set the BANDWIDTH to 10MHz, it only works up to 8MHz.
By putting 10MHz Bandwidth, RX audio does not start, the WF does not flow and nothing is heard.
I can use 8MHz BW at most. The SDRconsole doesn't freeze, but I have to go back and use 8MHz max.

With the SDRplay RSP2 V2 in SDRconsole NO PROBLEM also with 10MHz BW.


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