Re: DRM in SDRC?

данила фадеев

There seems to be no problem at the moment for processing the DRM signal through the SDRC> VAC> Dream chain. Of course, in the Console, you need to turn off the equalizers, as well as turn off any "sound effects" in the system.
  In turn, I am annoyed by the non-disconnectable AGC in the built-in audio player SDRDataFileAnalyser v2.xx. But it seems that when using IQ files of 32 bit format float, AGC is disabled there as well.

Russia, Krasnodar

сб, 18 сент. 2021 г. в 21:14, Bjarne Mjelde <bjarne.mjelde@...>:

I'm no DRM fan myself. But one way of "allowing use" of DRM with Console might be to design a "mode" with the necessary parameters and then feed a third-pary demodulator via VAC. Most recent versions of HDSDR does this.
Bjarne Mjelde


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