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Hi Curt. Thanks for taking the time to fill in the blanks. It sure does not get to be a more simple installation than what you have described. It is interesting what differences exist between your setup/situation and others who swear at their probe antennas? You have peaked my curiosity to the point where I will just have to give one a try. I have several downstairs.....time to get a couple installed outside. Thanks again.

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On 9/17/2021 4:48 PM, Curt Faulk wrote:

On Fri, Sep 17, 2021 at 12:58 PM, Gedas wrote:
How far from the house?  Approximately 50 feet

How high up in the air? Approximately 18 feet.

On a metal or non-conducting mast?  A PVC mast was used.

Do you live close to other homes or power lines etc?  There is another home about 30 feet away.

How long and what kind of coax was feeding the antenna? I used RG6 coax approximately 75 feet long.

Laying on the ground or underground?  The coax was mostly buried.

Did you use any CMC on that feedline? No chokes were used.

If so what was their composition/design?

How about grounding of the antenna (length and gauge of ground wire, length of ground rod, type of soil)?  This installation was not grounded.

Bias-T....home brew or OEM supplied? OEM supplied.

Linear or SMPS used? I have variously used both.  The last was linear, an Astron RS-35A.  But I have also used a Samlex switching mode power supply.

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