Re: SDR Console


On Fri, Sep 17, 2021 at 03:26 PM, Derek Henderson wrote:
Max What would you have liked me to say? “A little bit miffed” perhaps 
Hi Derek

I think "attack" implies some proactive act to compromise one's PC whereas the ads are passive i.e. they are harmless. Yes, annoying maybe, but sadly a necessary evil, like the 4 minutes of ads I am forced to watch every time I go onto streaming TV services like (here in the UK) Channel 4 or Channel 5. Tedious, but the service is free so I put up with it. I can't even "click past" those...... forced to wait (with the sound off!).

I'm far more lenient where anything to do with software that's given free to the user despite thousands and thousands of hours of hard work by the developer (Simon). Hopefully if we like and enjoy it we feel happy to make a donation to the Millie and Beer Fund, or even a few donations. See the top of the Download page!

All the best and enjoy SDRC. It's the best SDR software out there by far!


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