Re: Antennas: Best Mini-Whip ??


Great ! Can you share with us what the exact setup for that antenna was?

How far from the house? How high up in the air? On a metal or non-conducting mast? Do you live close to other homes or power lines etc? How long and what kind of coax was feeding the antenna? Laying on the ground or underground? Did you use any CMC on that feedline? If so what was their composition/design? How about grounding of the antenna (length and gauge of ground wire, length of ground rod, type of soil)? Bias-T....home brew or OEM supplied? Linear or SMPS used? heck I don't know.....could go on with another dozen questions but these are the types of things as an RF engineer we need to know to make full use of your observations. Thanks for chipping in.

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On 9/17/2021 3:48 PM, Curt Faulk wrote:

Just to jump in here on this dogpile...

I have a Wellbrook ALA-330S and the original PA0RDT Mini-Whip from Roelof.

Both perform very well in varying conditions and if I had to do it over again and had limited funds, I would get the Mini-Whip.  I was VERY surprised at how well it works.

I can tell you from exact personal experience that it is a good antenna.

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