Re: Audio volume level passed to apps lower than expected


Um, why the obsession with this?

Most front ends have a gain control on them. Some, such as rtlsdr dongles,  have local AGCs. Hopefully those are left off where practical to give you some means of calibrating the system. AirSpy HF+ models are an exception. And they don't calibrate well as a result.

Within an rtlsdr dongle there are three gain controls. Each of them affect the antenna to consumer level for SSB and AM related modes. As it happens ALL analog gain controls in the system also have an influence on both system noise figure and dynamic range as a tradeoff. Once past the A/D converter all gain controls are equivalent and do the same thing for SSB and AM paths. Adjust them to comfortable settings and move on.


On 20210916 16:01:25, Frank O'Donnell K6FOD wrote:
Thanks for the comments on this.

So I'm gathering this: When I output audio from SDR Console and pass it to an app through Virtual Audio Cable, there are four places I can adjust settings to increase/decrease the audio level seen at the input to the app:

-- In SDR Console, with AGC turned off, adjust the gain slider in the AGC area

-- In SDR Console, under Playback device, adjust the output audio level slider

-- In Windows sound settings, under Input, select the Virtual Audio Cable line that I'm using to pass the audio, click on Device properties, adjust the volume slider

-- If the app that the audio is being sent to has any input gain/volume controls, adjust those

If anyone can think of any other settings to play with to raise/lower the audio level seen at the input to the app receiving the audio, it would be a great help to know about them.

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