Re: Audio volume level passed to apps lower than expected

Frank O'Donnell K6FOD

Thanks for the comments on this.

So I'm gathering this: When I output audio from SDR Console and pass it to an app through Virtual Audio Cable, there are four places I can adjust settings to increase/decrease the audio level seen at the input to the app:

-- In SDR Console, with AGC turned off, adjust the gain slider in the AGC area

-- In SDR Console, under Playback device, adjust the output audio level slider

-- In Windows sound settings, under Input, select the Virtual Audio Cable line that I'm using to pass the audio, click on Device properties, adjust the volume slider

-- If the app that the audio is being sent to has any input gain/volume controls, adjust those

If anyone can think of any other settings to play with to raise/lower the audio level seen at the input to the app receiving the audio, it would be a great help to know about them.

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