Re: Antennas: Best Mini-Whip ??


Manmade noise is mainly E... 

Not sure I agree but I only have my house to go by. LEDs, CFLs switching supplies are mainly low voltage high current. Used to be that high voltage was common, but not so much these days (CRT TVs and Monitors). Power line noise still qualifies as high voltage and that is what still hammers my E-probe most of the time.


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Hi Brent

You have not bashed etc anyone.. just saying different antennas at different locations work differently..

This is important.

Magnetic loop type antennas work well/ can work well  in high E noise areas( and non noise areas) but e type antennas tend not too..
So one must choice wisely..( or expect disappointment.)

 Very basically man made noise is mainly  E if in “ man” area expect E antennas not to be happy and be disappointing. ( tried go here, but stunning on beach away from noise.)


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