Re: Audio volume level passed to apps lower than expected


Adjust the AG pane's Gain control. Listen to it. Ignore what the waterfall and other stuff do. Just listen. You seem to be expecting behavior that won't happen.

One thing to paste into your head is that SDRs are not simulating analog receiver processes. They use other techniques that have no (practical) equivalent in analog receivers. (Pardon me while I invest in a case of insane giggles imagining the amount of circuitry needed to take an analog fourier transform.... A 1 million band graphics equalizer anyone? Pardon me please. Sometimes my mind veers off into strange places. {O.O} REALLY strange places.) Simon's design seems to be further off analog prototypes than most at a guess.


On 20210915 11:31:08, Frank O'Donnell K6FOD wrote:
Thanks, Tony. I see that when I have AGC off, the gain slider in that section had been set to minimum. Moving that slider up and down doesn't affect the RF signal level as seen in the waterfall or dBm meter. However, it does significantly affect the audio output level, and by moving it up I get a strong input level in the apps receiving audio from SDR Console. So problem solved -- thanks again!

Just so I understand this, am I right in thinking that the AGC slider acts at the IF stage? Thus it doesn't affect RF levels reported, but will affect the audio output since that's downstream? Also -- it appears that it doesn't affect levels as recorded in I/Q .wav files, which I gather are taken before the IF stage?


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