Re: HL2 Portable - Proof of concept UPDATE


Just about ready to assemble it all.

The Arduino MIDI controller handles frequency changes (VFO), VFO "step ranges" up and down, AF Gain, Mute Toggle, DSP Filter lower limit, DSP Filter upper limit, Mode & Band selection, RX  Panel Display Toggle, TX Panel Display Toggle, TUNE and MOX functions. The 5" capacitive touchscreen display works very well (even with my stubby fingers but MUCH better with a stylus), and there is virtually no lag. CPU burden ranges from 9.0% - 20%. I am still messing with audio outputs (I'd like to use a bluetooth headset but so far can only get RX audio out), but I have a small 5w AF amplifier sending audio to a Visiton FR7 high quality speaker - sounds great! Will be built into a smaller Takachi cabinet. I will post pix as I move along.

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