Audio volume level passed to apps lower than expected

Frank O'Donnell K6FOD

This week I've been using SDR Console v3.1 to pass audio output via Muzychenko's Virtual Audio Cable software to various apps. The PC is running Windows 10 Pro build 19043.

The levels I'm seeing, even when all controls are maximized, are a good bit lower than I'm remembering when working with comparable signals in this way a few months ago. The apps include audio editors such as Audacity and GoldWave, as well as WSJT-X.

So far I've checked:

-- In SDR Console, the output level slider (in the lefthand pane just below the output device selection and RX frequency) is maximized.

-- In Windows' Sound settings, Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable) is selected as input, with volume set to maximum.

-- For those apps that have an input sound control, level is maximized.

Is there anything else worth checking? Virtual Audio Cable has a checkbox to enable volume control, but the control itself doesn't appear in the VAC control panel. I gather this would be the volume control within Windows' Sound menu?

Thanks for any possible ideas,

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