Re: Tuning error and PC freeze


On Thu, Sep 9, 2021 at 02:52 PM, Simon Brown wrote:
thought you have fixed the problem? I have not been following your freeze thread.
HI Simon,

Yes, for the freeze pc:
The problem of PC freezing is only on a single PC and it is a problem of that PC that also does it with other software by its defect somewhere between ram, cpu or graphics card problem.

The other serious problem of the RX with the click on the wf is only on sdrconsole that I have on all here, 3 PCs with different rx sdr and confirmed by other users.

1. open SDR
2. choice favorites 8x RX (but also other 8x multiRX manual with "+")
  ==> To be precise, the same problem described also happens without using the favorites, if I open for example the 8xRX and follow as explained
3. open all RX
4. delete / close ALL RX
5. open ADD RECEIVER (1x)
6. change FREQ with mouse scroll on freq display (no click befor change frequency)
7. change to 144MHz and then click on exemple 145mhz
8. the RX1 bar does not always appear when I click
9. the problems begin to CLICK to the left or right of the WF, in the various areas of the wf,  by clicking in different wf area, it changes from 144 to 446 and as you can see the RX1 bar does not appear where I click.
=> I have to restart SDRCONSOLE only
1. start SDRconsole
2. select 8rx favorites on 446 and open all 8x RX
3. change frequenzy to 145
4. click on WF to move a single RX
5. delete / close all 8x RX
6. open single RX1
Now all ok ... no problem ...


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