Re: SDR Console V3 on FTDX101D and a HermesLite2 #sdr-consolev3


On Thu, Sep 9, 2021 at 11:41 PM, TOM - K2TC wrote:

NR on the 101D is really good, NR2 on the HL2 just seems a bit better.

And as you say – every environment is going to be a little different.

Yes, I take all your points. Personally (and each to their own) now I've sampled pure SDR I don't see the point of running two radios in tandem when just the SDR does such a spectacular job. If I was you I'd be ditching the 101 and get a linear for the HL2! Though of course I expect the 101 does some VHF bands as well. For me there's not really any incentive at all to ever buy a "conventional" rig again plus I do get a huge kick out of getting such amazing performance out of a radio that really costs very little like the HL2.

However, having said all that I also hugely enjoy running my old Drake 4C Line radios so that's pretty much two ends of the sophistication spectrum. Room for all in this hobby which of course is the great appeal. Sometimes you just can't beat the heat of some tubes (or valves as we call them over here in the UK) and the blue glow of the Drake dial filters!

I also run an old Microwave Modules transverter (90s version) with the HL2 on 6m and another transverter for 2m (Spectrum) so that's somewhere in the middle ground, but they works OK for me. Just need to cure the drift on the MM unit!



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