Re: SDR Console V3 on FTDX101D and a HermesLite2 #sdr-consolev3


On Thu, Sep 9, 2021 at 05:41 PM, TOM - K2TC wrote:

I will say the HL2 is as sensitive – but no where near as selective as the 101D is, and it isn’t ment to be or expected.


Would love a feature to completely turn off the TX PO on the HL2 in this mode – you’d not want to TX in to the RX port….

Hi Tom

I'm not familiar with using HL2 in this way, but used as a standard SDR (which effectively I think you are - albeit tracking the 101) you can disable the HL2 PA in SDRC. Perhaps that's not possible using it the way you are?

I use the HL2 to drive transverters and it's possible to split the RX and TX in the HL2 using "RF3" input, which routes directly the the HL2 RX input after the TX/RX relay. If you use this it's impossible to end up with power out to the RX output of the 101. Unfortunately RF3 is not brought out to a socket as standard on the HL2 but it's available on the header that connects the main HL2 board to the N2ADR filter board so it's a fairly trivial matter to pick it up on a piece of mini-coax and bring it out to an additional socket on the rear of the HL2. In this way the HL2 can in fact work full duplex.

Not sure what you mean when you say HL2 not as selective as the 101D. As a direct sampling SDR I guess you could say it does not have any selectivity at all in the classic sense. All of the selectivity is taking place inside the SDR Console DSP filtering. Personally I've never found it lacking in any mode. Just my own experience of course. Maybe it's not the case if bombarding the front end with a plethora of strong signals from a high gain antenna?



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