SDR Console V3 on FTDX101D and a HermesLite2 #sdr-consolev3


I’m using SDR Console v3 with OmniRig on my FTDX-101D to allow me point and click freq changes, mouse scroll and the much nicer spectrum/waterfall/pana display from my Hermes Lite 2fed from the RX out port on the FTDX-101D


I start the PC

Start OmniRig with the FTDX-101D profile

Start SDR Console V3

Start the Main Profile I call FTDX-101D

Select/Start the HL2 at 384khz

Click the Start button for the External Radio. (this sync the 2 radios)

Takes all of 3 seconds to do this….


There are some features that of course do not work, or are not in sync, but for the awesome UI that SDRCv3 has – it’s a great place to start!


Not sure if the IF is a better place to grab this from, or if there is more functionality going a different route – please let me know!!

Not sure if there is a better way to get to the spectrum or IQ data in the FTDX-101D directly, that would be awesome if it added more features like bandwidth control….


Interesting – I find the 101D and HL2 to be very close and consistent in initial setup from a db / s-signal perspective with out changing the rx gain in the HL2 to match the 101D.

Fun bouncing between the 101D and the SDRCv3/PC to hear audio quality, yes there is a bit of delay, but I usually listen to one or the other.

I will say the HL2 is as sensitive – but no where near as selective as the 101D is, and it isn’t ment to be or expected.


Would love a feature to completely turn off the TX PO on the HL2 in this mode – you’d not want to TX in to the RX port….


Tom, K2TC

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