Need Help: TS-590SG to SDRPlay RSP2 to SDR Console 3.1 #sdr-consolev3


Can not get the TS-590SG to change frequency in SDR Console 3.1. The receive works fine (and beautiful display), can change in SDR Console. If I run the test in Tools/Options I can change the frequency in the radio, but the "Get Freq" has no value. 

-> Dell desktop PC running latest Windows 10.
-> TS-590SG with latest software. 
-> Attached to PC by USB and Kenwood's control program works fine.
-> Using SDRPlay RSP2 connected to DRV port on TS-590SG.
-> baud rate is set to 57,600 in radio, PC and SDR Console.

Do I need to use Omni Rig? It does not work either way.

I love the panadapter display in SCR Console and really want to get the working.

Thanks for any help,

Joe  N9VX

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