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Bill Walch

That's unfortunate. I'm guessing that's like your UK TV licensing situation. I've heard stories about the "TV Police" going around the neighborhoods looking for unlicensed TV's. I guess on your end, you could implement DRM/DAB in SDRC, but you'd probably have to show a licensing fee is paid by the end user, which is something that you probably don't want to get into and administer. However, you could still offer your FREE version of SDRC (with the ubiquitous donation keep your pup fed), and a PAID version that has that DRM/DAB function enabled, again, mostly for your UK/EU folks.

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For a software provider the problem with DRM is  codec licencing, the entity providing the software is responsible for the licence fee, not the end user. An example: ELAD ship a DRM solution and pay a licence for each unit. Same problem with DAB, if you ship or promote a DAB solution you are responsible for the licence.


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Hi Simon,

I came across a post on The SWLing Post ( that the author shows using another SDR reciever to listen to BBC DRM. The SDR image shows the use of a "Dream 2.2.1" DRM plug-in. This can be found on SourceForge (

DRM isn't used in the US, but it is in Europe. I know you've danced around this for a long time. I also don't know if this is much use to you in SDRC, but I thought I'd pass this along. The reviews are mixed to "it works" to "it doesn't work". These files are a little dated from 2019.


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