Re: SDR Console to Pluto, no modulation sent from one PC, another is fine.

Chris Wilson

Hello Simon

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

I can confirm unplugging the USB headset after I am able to successfully modulate and see modulation in the spectrum monitor (which if I am 100% honest I didn’t know was even there...) results in TUNE and TONE buttons no longer modulating. Plugging the headset back in fails to get them working again, but restarting SDR Console with the headset still plugged in gets them going again. Expected behavior and hopefully my "fix"? Thanks again.

Best regards,
Chris 2E0ILY

CW> Hello Simon,

CW> Tuesday, September 7, 2021

CW> I read all the groups via e-mail, not via the web, and reply the
CW> same way, using my e-mail client, so can't add attachments directly.

CW> I **** THINK **** I may have a handle on this! On the desktop PC
CW> I had no USB or other microphone plugged in when using TUNE or
CW> TONE from SDR Console. When I plugged in a USB headset and
CW> rebooted SDR Console TUNE and TONE gave modulation. The laptop has a microphone built in...

CW> Could that be my issue, that I need a USB microphone or headset
CW> connected to the desktop PC for TUNE or TONE to function
CW> correctly? I assumed TUNE and TONE were generated internally in
CW> SDR Console and the lack of USB peripherals was not necessary?

CW> Screenshot of previously none working desktop TX'ing a voice test transmission successfully:


CW> Best regards,
CW> Chris 2E0ILY

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