Re: Tuning error and PC freeze


FWIW, the first time I tried this it failed just as described. But After a few more attempts it started working and I have not been able to make it fail again.


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OK Simon
for freezing the PC I think it depends on another problem, independent of SRDconsole.
I was able to play it even without sdrconsole, so the problem is in the PC RAM or CPU temperature Overshoot.
For this freezing of the PC I think it depends on a faulty ram bar, on a single PC, while the problem of the click on the WF is on the 3 different PCs with 3 different sdrs.

I have to restart SDRconsole on the 3 PCs, same problem.
I mean the problem of the malfunction that I have to restart the SDRconsole that I explained the exact procedure below and that is reproduced on 3 PCs and with 3 different SDRs ... always.

> 1. installed new SdrConsole 3.1
> 2. installed an SDRrtl USB stick
> 3. start SDRconsole
> 4. everything works perfectly
> 5. I select 446MHz and open 8rx
> 6. I open the 8 RXs audios
> 7. I close all the Rx and +add single rx
> 8. I go to 144MHz and make a CLICK 

This is the "biggest" problemon all 3x PC
This I can not solve the problem, which I always reproduce without difficulty, and identical on the 3 PCs.
Anyone have any help? 

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