Re: Speech Processor

Mark Cayton

My own thoughts on mic processing..

1) Given the 5k max (and even that only in very rare instances) audio bandwidth that we're constrained to on HF, and given the vast selection of free (and powerful) VST plugins available today, almost any mic can easily be EQ'd to sound absolutely fabulous on SSB or AM, to the point that any small sonic differences between any 2 mics is nowhere near worth the difference in price that some mics command.

2) A well-setup (and only very slightest hint) of echo/reverb is desirable on a really high quality audio signal, as it conveys an almost unconscious sense of room size to the listener and removes the dead/flat sound from much of the transmitted audio I usually hear on the radio (Hint: if it's actually discernible to the listener as added reverb then it's probably too much!).

3) Back to one of the points made in item #1, there are so many free and powerful VST plugins out there that I'd be hard-pressed to justify paying for any. If I were a professional sound engineer in need of a full-feature production studio, then maybe so. But that certainly ain't us.


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