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Simon Brown

I have a working DATONG speech clipper. Over 40 years old, sitting in a cupboard…



Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Speech Processor


I feel very disadvantaged ONLY having about a dozen old analogue chips in my processor......


Of course if I did it again now it would be dsp which would give much more flexibility as well. I do think the key is avoiding the harmonic distortion problem which dsp can do.


In the end its all the same signal processing methods implemented by either an analogue or a digital computer. An old friend of mine (long dead now) who was a tutor at Imperial College said, “the interesting problems getting digital systems to work are actually analogue”. He was a control man and was also heard to say “any frequency above 1Hz is dangerously high”.




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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Speech Processor


i do not know it ... (the l3 multimaximizer)

... (one or two minutes later) ... ok found it ...

lots of free vst plugins available so i will definitely not PAY 40 bucks for a plugin ;-)

my used plugins (in order how audio runs) ...

reafir (surpress some noise ... especially some "rumble" on the low end)

reaeq (shape the input signal a bit)

reagate (only send audio when you are speaking but low background noise is surpressed)

reaxcomp (compressor with multiple bands) ... seems to be similar to the l3

protoverb (just slight delay to give the audio a more filled sound)

and finally frontier (self adaptive limiter) ... that combination wortks superb BUT:

such a high number of plugins needs a lot of tweaking till your audio sounds like from the bbc newsreader (grin) so do not ask me how i have set it all ... it would take a much longer mail to describe what i have done here

so finetune your audio (or making a complete mess from it) can be done easy hi hi

the l3 multimaximizer seems to be similar to reaxcomp so i do not need to try out the L3 i guess

greetz sigi dg9bfc




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