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Hello Gedas,

A very helpful software mixer I use for almost everything:

VOICEMEETER by VB-AUDIO – The world´s most used Virtual Audio Mixer & Sound Tool 

Friday, August 27, 2021, 5:23:20 PM, you wrote:

Using a RSPdx with SDRC V3.1 and Laptop with W/10.

All works aok but then I had the bright idea to install VB Audio to get some VAC going so I could run WSJT etc.

That went smooth and was able to make many FB decodes overnight.

1. I wish there was a way to be able to hear what the RSPdx is tuned WHILE it's audio is being ported over to WSJT via the VAC. Is there an easy way of monitoring what the VAC is transferring?

2. The next part has me scratching my head......I am done with WSJT and just want to do some listening on this W10 laptop with the RSPdx. When I go to SDRC/OPTIONS/AUDIO/PLAYBACK/DEVICES I can see my Realtek PC speakers on one line and the VAC on the 2nd line.

I select the Realtek PC speakers, hit OK then re-start SDRC hoping to be able to hear the receiver via the speakers but get zip. Is there an easy way to switch from one to the other? I thought the OPTIONS tab is where I make this selection but apparently not. Thanks

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