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Siegfried Jackstien

Near any mic should give a goid audio... Equalizer plus processing... Maybe switch on the mic boost...
Already cranked up mic audio in windows??
If you look in tx tab where the vox slider is.. While talking in the mic (no need to tx!).. How high does the grey bar come up?? (shows raw audio strength that goes IN the console)....

Processing with 30 to 40 should give enough boost... 

Thin audio?? Boost low tones a bit.. 

Greetz sigi dg9bfc 

Am 27.08.2021 19:46 schrieb MikeC <mike.christieson@...>:


Sorry, another question...


I was wondering what sort of processing the processor function on the transmit audio is. It seems to improve the average to peak power ratio but only by a relatively small amount. By the comment that it makes the audio harsh I rather assume it implements a similar function to rf clipping. I can’t find any description for it in the audio help. Am I right that the audio alc is syllabic in time constant?


I have had a couple of reports that the audio is a bit thin which set me off on this. Playing with the audio filtering and the equaliser doesn’t quite get me what I want. The headset boom mic is not the most expensive I have to say.





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