Re: Tuning error and PC freeze

Simon Brown



I’ll look at this soon, it’s now the weekend!


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Tuning error and PC freeze


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HI Simon,

I just ran a quick check on another "virgin" PC.

ProBook 6560B / SSD / I5


1. installed new SdrConsole 3.1

2. installed an SDRrtl USB stick

3. start SDRconsole

4. everything works perfectly

5. I select 446MHz and open 8rx

6. I open the 8 RXs audios

7. I close all the Rx and +add single rx

8. I go to 144MHz and make a CLICK


same problem, the RX of the click does not appear and changes frequency to the click to the right or to the left of the WF going to 446 or 144.


Same problem even on a new PC ... with another SDR, at this point I think it's a possible SDRconsole problem?


Here too, if before closing the 8 RXs I move to 144 and click, then I close the RXs and open only one, everything works.


Exactly as explained in the previous message.


I don't understand where the same problem lies on the other PC as well.


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